Shipman Jacob Lutz



WS: 34
BS: 37
S: 28
T: 33
Ag: 33
Int: 36
Per: 29
Wil: 43
Fel: 34
Wounds: 11


Flak Armor: H:0 Arms: 2 Body:3 Legs: 2
Respirator, Void Suit




Service Record:

  • Served with the captain and proved his loyalty on the Mechanicus Planet XV-Delta-195

Back Story: Shipman Jacob Lutz has served in the minor player in the Imperial Navy his entire life, he was always nothing more than a cog in the vast machine that is an Imperial Voidship. However things seem to be turning around now that a new Rouge Trader has taken command of his Voidship.

Residence: Currently residing in the VIP Quarters of Legitimate Business

Shipman Jacob Lutz

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