Genuit A Deus

Fury of the Underhive

NOTE: Just wrote this up, haven’t had a chance to edit it there will be typos, still got a bit more to add. Hope you all enjoy it. I’ll work on getting older sessions up soon. Also I will award 150xp to any player who wants to act as scribe for the night and write a narrative of the nights events.
Shella –

Shella rolled over on her mattress deep in the Iron Castle. She could still hear the faint chants and clanking of the boys ruckus from the great hall. She rolled over and her bed was still cold, Borkus had spent the night with the boys, this was not surprising he always treated the boys to a night of whores, vark, and hallucins before a big pay day.
“Damn fools…” she thought to herself, “If they had a lick of sense they would of gotten a decent night sleep.” The mutant raids had been picking up, not to mention the usual problems that faced an Underhive gang like the Red Swoops. She wanted her boys to be alert and ready for an ambush, instead she be taking out half drunk fools, those who weren’t hung over were probably strung out on something.

She rose from the bed and made her way to the door, turn the pad lock that kept the outsiders out, she instinctively checked the other lock that would of kept her inside forgetting that Borcus room was the only door in the entire facility that couldn’t be locked from the outside. She moved into the hallway and started towards the garage, she would need to get the swoops ready and hallucins packed for the day’s rounds. Then she heard one of her favorite sounds in the world. Borucs loud laughter rang out over the great room, followed by a chant from the still few conscious gangers.

“Barker! Barker! Barker!” the chant rang out through the great hall. This caught her interest and she turned the corner and walked along the top cat walks peering down she saw a sight that truly surprised her. One of the uphivers that had visited from the night before was being carried around on an old chair, surely he had just won the latest drinking game or yatz hand. This was not what caught her attention though, it was the way her love moved up to this stranger pulled him down off the chair and wrapped him in a heart felt hug.

The other man looked tiny in Borkus arms, not because he himself was tiny but because Borkus was a mountain, with arms that look like they belonged on a ragnuck not a man. He stood close to 7 feet high and had a clean shaven head and a burley beard. The scar on his eye twitched as he smiled and put the man down. He rarely takes to anyone this quickly, it had taken her almost 3 years before Borkus even seem to notice her hidden but rugged beauty. A ping of jealousy hit her for a moment, “don’t be stupid” Shella thought to herself, “Borkus has always been faithful to you, and the whores are simply something he does to keep in good standings with his men.” Sure he’d fuck them but he only made love to her, in a gentle caring way, most wouldn’t believe Borkus could.

“Shella! My Love! Come down here, there is someone I want you to meet!” bellowed Borcus from the floor below her in the great hall.

Shella smiled a shy but uneasy smile at him before she made her way down, she never trusted uphivers, they had done nothing for her and the only time they ever made their way down to the lower levels they only brought pain and misery for the locals.

“Shella! My beauty let me introduce you to Barker! They call him Mad Barker!” laughed Borkus “He may be and uphiver love, but he is like none I’ve met before”

Borkus clasped his hands on the mans shoulders “You sir are my favorite uphiver! And you will have a place to lay your head in the Iron Castle”

“Favorite uphiver? That’s a short list” thought Shella to herself.

“Barker, it’s been a real pleasure.” Shella half heartily smiled at this stranger in his fancy clothing. “My love, I really should get the swoops ready for today’s deliveries it’s going to be a busy day and we want to be back before the stations rotation.”

“That’s what I’ve wanted to talk to you about love, I’ve been talking to this uphiver I believe that his employer could bring a unique opportunity to our gang, and take us to profit levels I never dreamed possible. He and his companions will be joining you in today’s rounds” Borkus said.

Shella couldn’t believe what she was hearing! Had her dearest finally lost it, taking these uphivers on a run? They could be Arbite informants for all we know.

“Borkus, is this wise?” She asked in a hush tone

“Shella my dear, I know you have the gang’s best interest in mind, and that you’re not trying to undermine my authority…” Borkus sneered “But my word is law in the Iron Castle.”

“Of coarse my love, I’ll go prepare the swoops at once.” Shella smiled at Borkus, the man had always had a temper, and it was best not to invoke it, he would never striker her, but she couldn’t say the same for the rest of the men in the hall. Shella excused her self from the great hall and made her way to the garage. As she entered the attached garage she saw her second love in her life. One of the heavy swoops and two light swoops the gang maintained. These machines were built for speed, and Shella loved piloting them. The swoops hovered about 2 feet of the ground on their anti gravity fields and made a loud grinding as there engines consumed the high octane petro fuel they consumed.

“Gellar?” she called. “You got my babies ready for their morning run?”

A wiry man came out from one under one of the swoops, Gellar was a tall gangly man. His father and mother had been voidborn and had decided that their voidship was no place to raise a family, so when it had finally come to port at Blessed Ignorance they had jumped ship and deserted to the underhive. Life surely wasn’t easy for them and Gellar but until his dying breath Gellar’s father swore it was a better than the immaterium.

“Of coarse, snooks.” Gellar flashed her a flirty smile

“Now Gellar, you know not to do that… it’s a not good idea to be making moves on the bosses old lady.” Shella new that most of the other gangers Borkus would kill outright for these kind of actions, but do to Gellars magic hands with the swoops he got away with more than the average ganger.

“Ah you be breaking my loving heart!” whined Gellar as he scrubbed motor oil off his hands.

“So how they looking?” asked Shella

“Well the Deceitful Devil is giving me a slight kick back on it’s number 2 engine, and the grav break doesn’t seem to be holding a charge like it use too.” Gellar pondered aloud “we’re going to be needing that replaced, however Cry of the Underhive is running like a beaut, as always.”

“How about those improvements we’ve made on Dragoon’s Teeth?” asked Shella.

Gellar smiled “She’s got that beauty the Black Serpents were kind enough to gift us four rotations back… The fings a bloody monster” Gellar let out a long low whistle as he motioned to the gatling stubber mounted to the elevated swivel turret behind the driver on Dragoon’s Teeth. “We don’t got a damn soul that can aim the thing, but I’ve rigged up a double ammo feed, so she spits led like the dickens, so aiming aint really the priority.”

Shella leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Gellar’s forehead, “You know what the ladies like Gellar.”

“Oh now me hearts all a flutter, love what’s I to do?”

“I’m sure you’ll find some pretty thing in the great hall who will help you nail it down.”

“Haha! Zoom! Zoom! Go faster faster!” a shrieking voice pierced into the garage. “Eddy go zoom zoom!”

Crazy Eddy skipped into the garage, followed by a solemn ganger named Marcus. The two made a unique pair, Eddy was thin and wiry he had a tangle of hair that looked like it was a nest for some dweller. He hadn’t ever been fully right in the head, many of the gangers believed it was do to the fact that he grew up under one of the stations generatoriums. Yet he played a crucial roll on all these runs, Eddy was the gangs canary, now Shella had never seen a canary but she had stories of miners taking them down into the shafts, the canary would warn the miners of toxins in the air, similarly Eddy had a strange way of detecting mutants way before they showed their deformed faces. Eddy was the gangs canary and bloodsnif all rolled into one.

Marcus on the other hand was the complete contrast, with his cold murders eyes that hardly ever showed emotion, and two red stripe tattoos running from under each down to his chin. These marks were common in the red swoops as they show the members allegiance. While Marcus was not the conversationalist he was a good pilot and looked to be mostly sober, which is more than could be said for the rest of the gang in the Great Hall.

“We mounting up?” Marcus asked coolly as he climbed on top of Cry of the Underhive.

“Who’s driving Dragoon’s Tooth?” inquired Shella.

“The Uphivers” Spit Marcus as he pulled his swoop out.

“Zoom Zoom Eddy drive!” cackled Eddy

Borkus has truly lost it, trusting one of the gangs few heavy swoops to these uphivers…

“Gellar, help me bring this around.”

Crazy Eddy –

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Went the bikes as they roared around to the front of the Iron Castle, there they stood all happy and go lucky like bright colored… errr… penlopes in their good looking clothes and snazzy hats! These uphivers sure had style and Eddy likes style. Eddy hopped off the big bike as it came to a slow stop,
“Ha, Ha, Ha, zooming Eddy goes!” Eddy cheered.

The Uphivers where all talking their serious talk, Eddy had never had an ear for serious talk, in fact Eddy always wanted to talk the unserious talk, it was easier to be unserious people think your mad, they don’t make you do stuff! The uphivers talked to the boss’s lady, talk, talk, talk.

Eddy spent his time looker for flutter flies. He swore he saw them sometimes despite what the other gangers said, “Eddy flutter flies don’t even live on our station.” But Eddy new different flutter flies did live on this station, and they were so beautiful. Eddy had once owned a pet flutterfly, he had named it Herd the flutterfly it was a dark shade of blue, the blue ones were always Eddy’s favorite but he never saw blue futterflies anymore he only saw the bright shining yellow ones that glowed softly in the dark light of the underhive. Eddy had nothing against these yellow flutterflies, they just weren’t as pretty and the blue ones in his mind.

“Eddy!” Shella shouted at him snapping him out of his day dream about blue and yellow flutter flies. “We’re leaving! Mount up!”

“Zooming Eddy Goes, A Zooming Eddy Goes, A Zooming Eddy Goes!” Eddy squealed as he ran around the big bike three times. It’s good luck to run around your bike 3 times before you take off, that way the bike gets a good look at you and keeps you safe. Other pilots thought Eddy was stupid, but Eddy always came back from runs, the other pilots did not. So who is really stupid Eddy? Or the other pilots?

“Eddy with me!” Shouted Marcus

Eddy stopped his ritual and peered confusedly at Marcus, Eddy can’t go on little bike with Marcus, little bike no know Eddy like big bike. Well now was a good a time as ever to get know the little bike.

Eddy started running around Marcus bike, he made one loop before the larger man grabbed him and yanked him on and speed off after the others.

“This is no good!” thought Eddy “little bike no know Eddy, how little bike keep Eddy safe… Oh look a blue door, Eddy loves blue doors”

Eddy sat to himself humming as he counted the different color doors of the hab-blocks that sped by his swoop as him and Marcus raced through the streets of the underhives. It was early and most of the underhivers were still opening up their shops. Eddy counted 12 green doors, 14 red doors, 56 grey doors Eddy hates grey doors they are so ugly, and sadly only 3 blue doors.

The party arrived at the first drop, and unloaded. The others went about their serious work of doing serious things. The uphivers seem to be struggling with their new business proposition and the boss’s lady didn’t look happy and Marcus looked annoyed, but that was normal. So Eddy decided now would be a good time to pick for grimeworms.

Eddy stood in the much of the old abandon underhive as he dug in the decrepit and rotten court yard of this old hab-complex. Nothing had grown in this court yard for years as the hives grew they blotted out the artificial habitation lights used within the station. This means that this courtyard had rotted, but Eddy didn’t care because rotted soil is the best place to find grimeworms. As Eddy dug a thought came to his head

“This dirt is not dirt, dirt does not slosh like this.” Eddy didn’t mind and he hoped the grimworms didn’t mind living in the sloshy dirt. Then Eddy saw them, the beautiful flutterflies, not the blue ones like he had hopped but the bright glowing yellow ones. Eddy stopped digging stood up and reached for these flutterflies but they were too far out of his reach. Then there was a bang and a sharp pain in Eddy’s shoulder Eddy fell to the ground, “His flutterfly stung him, why did the flutterfly sting him? Because the little bike didn’t know him…”


The distinctive and loud noise of stubber fire rang through the air, Eddy and several of the Red Swoops customers went down as they were hit by the hail of solid projectiles wizzing around them.
“Emperors Cock!” Screamed Marcus as he jumped behind the nearest cover he could find. He had been so busy trying to recuperate some of the losses these damn uphivers were causing him he had forgot to keep an eye on Eddy and now the muties had got the jump on them. Eddy was bleeding from his shoulder the damn fool.

Marcus scanned the courtyard for Shella if he got her killed he might as well die in this hell hole as well, because returning to the Iron Castle without her would be a lot more damaging than anything a stubber round could do.

“Marcus! Help Me! Damn it!” Shella screamed, she was trying to pull Eddy into the cover of the dried up fountain in the middle of the hab-blocks court yard. Marcus ran to her.

“Get in there you damn fool, the boss will have my head if you get shot up! I’ll get the squeak!” Marcus grabbed Eddy and hurled him into the fountain like a sack of caf following him over the side. Eddy landed with a thud and a moan. He had been shot but Marcus couldn’t tell how bad it was.

Screams and cries rang out as the muties open fire into the crowded hab-block court yard, “How many are there?” screamed Marcus over the confusion as he unholstered his stubber revolver Man Flayer.

“Hell if I know! You were on look out, what for fuck sakes were you doing?” scolded Shella.

“Damn it take a look at him, if he goes this day just got a lot shorter” Screamed Marcus as he fired his stubber blindly and the direction of Muties. Then he heard it, a sound that was to him as distinctive as a favorite vox-tape. It was like a song, no a symphony of a man who played the instrument of death.

The storm bolter sung out cries of furry as the uphiver named Barker opened up into the muties on the old overpass overhead, as his weapon found it’s mark the muties heads exploded into fountains of gore and blood. Soon his weapon song was joined by another as another uphiver open fire with some form of energy weapon cutting long bright beams of light at the muties. Igniting any that were unfortunate enough to be struck by it.

And yet the muties stayed, they return fire and stood their ground under the uphivers onslaught more of the uphivers weapons joined the fray. Then the slow whine pierced the sounds of battle, Markus new this sound and looked to the back of Dragoon’s Teeth one of the uphivers had climbed into the back of the turret and bringing the gun online. It’s six barrels spun faster and faster until it was a blur.

“Oh by the mercy of the Throne, I hope he knows what he is doing…” thought Marcus

Then with a load crack, crack, crack, rang out as the furry of the underhive joined the chorus of death at first the weapon seem to go high and wide it’s fury striking into some unknown part of the underhive, but at last the uphiver seem to gain balance and bring the weapon to bare catching two the of Muties on the right of the overpass in the chest cutting them into two under a hail of gunfire.

Then the other was off, with his blue great coat swirling behind him he sprinted up the side of the fallen hab-block wall and then leaping onto the overpass all the while keeping his storm bolter at the ready. The uphiver vanished his blue coat, red hat, and all behind the overpass. The sound of his gunfire didn’t follow like Marcus had predicted instead there was an unintelligible yell, “Was he seriously trying to take one of these Muties alive?” thought Marcus, “the damn fool!”

Then there was a commotion from the overpass the uphiver reappeared as he jumped over it’s edge landing like some sort of jungle cat. Then a explosion soon followed as mutie followed his decent. The twos landing’s were polar opposites as graceful as the uphiver had landed the mutie came down head first with a bone splintering crash. The creature laid in a puddle of blood and began to gurgle his life out from a gash in his throat. The uphiver bent down inspected his kill and said something into his microbead.

At that single the female uphiver who was clad in a skin tight black skin suit drew her power sword and scaled with grace up the side of the overpass like the stations gravity didn’t affect her. Once she passed over the top of the overpass there was a scream, followed by a scream of pain. And a crash as a mutie came crashing over the side with a thud holding his bloody stub on the end of his arm. She followed him over the edge carrying the muties suicide vest and his severed hand still holding the dead mans switch. She disarmed the vest and tossed it at Marcus feet.

“put that in the swoop, careful it’s dangerous.” She instructed

Marcus rose from the backside of the fountain and locked eyes with Shella

“maybe Borkus was right…” she hushed.

“How’s our friend?” Marcus gestured to Eddy

“He’ll be fine.” Replied Shella

“I bet that sod over there wish he could say the same.” Marcus gestured to the mutie who was being interrogated by the uphivers.

Prolouge: Quarantine Skyfall
Session 1

Security Priority Rating: Omega
Copy: 1/1
Receiving Astropath: Queued for immediate Mind Scrubbing xxxCOMPLETExxx
Intent of Message: Security Feed from Imperial Voidbase Father’s Eye
…..Unauthorized Warp Rupture Detected….
….. Alerting Imperial Official…..
….. Identifying unknown Warp Entity….
Remain Diligent and Await Analysis……
Remain Diligent and Await Analysis……
Remain Diligent and Await Analysis……


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