Blessed Ignorance

Blessed Ignorance

Photo Credit: AndreeWallin
Scifi city speed 2 by andree wallin
This void station is on the outskirts of Imperial Space. One of the last stops for explorers leaving the Holy Light of Imperial Space and for many simply the end of the line. A fortune can be made on this station through the Imperial Trade houses if the right connections are made. However this station is also a haven for those who have business they would rather keep hidden from the judging eyes of Imperial Enforcers.

Physical Description: From the outside this station looks like little more than a cube spotted with docking bays, communication towers, and service docks. However on the inside it is a thriving metropolis with an estimated population of around 800 million Imperial souls. Habitation spires stretch from each of the six sides of the cube, with the richer nobles living at the top of these habitation spires and towards the center of the cube, while the poorer and service men are force to live towards the bottom of these spires and closer to it’s outer walls. Since each side has it’s own artificial gravitation field new arrivals can become concerned and disorienting as they find themselves literally surrounded on all sides by humanity and will look upwards expecting to see to an open sky but instead are only met by more busy streets, markets, and penthouses of the rich. One of Blessed Ignorance’s most noticeable and regrettably unattractive landmarks is the ball of trash and refuse floating in the middle of the cube stuck between the 6 gravity fields.

Places of Interest


Ship Docks- The Ship repair facilities on Blessed Ignorance
Sho’fin Cafe- a local diner on Blessed Ignorance
Shootz Penthouse- a lavishly furnished and decorated penthouse, maintained by an army of gold masked servitors.
Arbites Station- Office of Local Authority of the Void Station.


Iron Castle – An old rundown manufacturium that is now the seat of power for the Red Swoops.



Nobleman Schootz- A flamboyant and provocative Nobleman. Lives in the center penthouses of Blessed Ignorance.
Vertz – a Shadowy Merchant that deals out of the diner Sho’fin Cafe
Arbites Korrgan – The Arch-Arbite on the Void Station Blessed Ignorance
Rogue Trader Anyeta – A fellow and beautiful Rogue Trader under the employment of Shootz
Solar Captain Theon – Head of the Imperial Navy Office in this sub-sector
Borcus – Leader of the Underhive Gang the Red Swoops
Shella – High Ranking Member of the Red Swoops

Blessed Ignorance

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