House Rules

Ammo and Weapon Reloading

We are lazy when it comes to tracking ammo in our weapons, so we use the following system.

Each weapons clip is assigned a die unique or rare weapon d4, pistols d6, rifles d8, assault rifles d10, and automatic weapons d12. Note: all laz-weapons have unlimited ammo

Every time a player pulls a trigger they roll their assigned clip dice. So firing a Pistol I would roll my BS 2d10 and my clip 1d6. If I roll a 1 then I’m downgraded to the next die so for my next shot I’d roll my BS 2d10 and my clip, which is now 1d4. When a d4 rolls a 1 the ammo is exhausted on the weapon and I must reload. For every away mission a character carry 3 reloads for their primary weapon and 1 reload for any sidearm weapon. I reload will push you back up to your full clip die so for pistols it would move me back up to a D6.

Increasing Rate of Fire:

  • If a character shoots a weapon faster than single shot they then reduce their die on a roll of 3 or less.
  • If they fires their weapon on automatic they reduce their die on a roll of 5 or less.
    Note this means firing a weapon on fully automatic with a d4 as your clip die automatically drains the remainder of your ammo and you must reload your following turn.

Crew Members


Every good captain has a solid cast of Red Shirts for an away mission. The first time a crew member is recruited for an away mission random stats are generated for him. Crew Men always have the last round in the initiative during combat. The player that has recruited the crew member may make a fellowship roll as a free action, if he succeeds each crewman under his command may make 1 half action immediately following the activating players turn.


As crew members are taken on more away missions they will start to become more loyal to players (but not the party as a whole). Each NPC Crew member is assigned a number between 0-10 for each player, this is that players loyalty rating. 0 rating no loyalty and 10 being Zealously loyal to a player. This number is assigned by social interactions with players and up to the GM. Once a loyalty rating is assigned to a player I then subtract the NPC willpower bonus this gives me the bonus to a players fellowship roll to convince this NPC to make actions that may not be entirely beneficial to the entire crew.

Example: Ship Man Joe Bob has a loyalty rating of 5 for a Player 1. Joe Bob’s Willpower is 34 so that means his loyalty bonus to Player 1 is 5-3 = 2 so Player 1 will get +20 to any fellowship roll trying to convince Joe Bob to side with him in a conflict with another player.

If a crew member is being asked to betray the party as a whole he uses whatever players highest loyalty rating.

House Rules

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