Inquisitor Matthew Gabriel

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“Korribus, that was not stun…”Inquisitor Gabriel after the liquifaction of Brother Argos of the Dark Angel Death Wing.

Inquisitor Matthew Gabriel is known for his unpractical methods of fighting the forces of Chaos and his liberal interpretation of Imperial Creed. He will employ any means necessary to stomp out what he sees as the greatest threat to ever face humanity and has more than once overstep his boundaries in the eyes of more conservative peers from the Ordo Hereticus and Ordo Xenos. Despite this he has had a quite successful career in the Inquisition for the last 500 years and has brought more than 17,000 heretics to trial and administered the Emperors Peace. Some of his more noteworthy investigations includes the entire population of Hive world Malxus for their treason and alliance with the Dark Gods and personally oversaw the Exterminatus of the planet’s population.

He later brought to justice the Imperial Traitor Legion Regul 457 and had the officers all sentenced to Incineration at the founding ceremonies of the Regul 452 and 453 to show the new recruits the cost of heresy.

Inquisitor Matthew Gabriel

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